6 – daily practice with a 365 project


Practice, practice, practice, it does help. Some thoughts about doing a 365 project… do it with some friendly folks and notice how you see the world differently, how taking pictures becomes a habit, how your hands get muscle memory for your camera.

The wonderful Flickr group of TWIP Family listeners who I’m doing my 365 project with:


Jenny Stein made me do it. Her TWIP Family podcast:


Update! In November 2016 Jenny moved from TWIP to publish her own podcast “The Family Photographer” here:



4 – creative croppping plus assignments



Picasa suggested the crop for the upper photo, one that I wouldn’t have thought of. Thank you randomness.

Mentioned in this episode:


Monis Motivklingel (photo podcast in German with assignments)

The Visual Toolbox (book by David duChemin with assignments)



3 – cropping crappy photos


Sometimes you just can’t frame the picture you want in camera. So you have to crop. I do, anyway.

Some folks mentioned today:

Monika Andrae – Moni’s Motivklingel

Rick Sammon – Digital Photo Experience

Jenny Stein – TWIP Family

Kathy Sierra – Serious Pony

2 – aperture plus printing pictures of your loved ones


The first thing I was excited to learn about taking pictures: aperture, and by extension, bokeh. Plus some thoughts about printing photos and the most special photos of all: “snapshots” of your loved ones.


How to pronounce “bokeh” according to Martin Bailey: