22 – decisions decisions! choosing photos


Have you made a photo book lately? Posted a photo online? Sure you have. But how do you decide which to print, or to post? A few months back I actually did make a photo book (yay!) and afterwards I had a few thoughts about which photos I put online or in a book.

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Author: pauline

photog, dog lover, language nerd, lifelong learner, teacher, aged athlete, foreigner

2 thoughts on “22 – decisions decisions! choosing photos”

  1. Hi Pauline! I had a similar dilemma recently. I wanted to make a large print of one or two of my photos to hang on the wall. I had to decide whether to print my favorites or ones that might appeal more to others, print in color or in black and white? I went with my favorites.


  2. Hey Wilson, great to hear from you. Good for you making prints (I *have* to get better at that). Sounds like a good decision – if it’s a wall you’ll be looking at, why not hang your favorites?
    Beautiful photos at your website – it’s cool to get a feeling for Rochester through your work.


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