26 – more iphone + black and white + eyesight

A mixed bag of lessons learned these past weeks, including iphone pluses and minuses and black and white’s biggest strength – plus a note about eyesight. And… an announcement about this podcast.




wide angle: snow and leaves photo

black and white perfection: sisters erin and  sisters richard

how is your eyesight? onedollarglasses.org


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25 – winging it, getting lucky, and smart phone to the rescue


Some thoughts about getting lucky (with photos!) when little or no planning was done. And how smart phones can be the smarter choice.

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24 – photos not taken


Sometimes I miss photo opportunities, sometimes I just decide not to take a photo. Today is a fun little story of NOT taking a photo. Plus, some thoughts about practicing photography by doing something else. Finally, right now I’m practicing with daily photos, just for a week, and it’s great!

The Family Photographer Podcast:


Inktober on Flickr:

W25 - Soar

Norm’s photos and sketches on Flickr:

Lunar Eclispe at the super moon

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23 – auto on. brain off. duh.


A short tale of a recent mistake I made with exposure, when I learned that even with (sort-of) automatic settings I still need to use my brain. Surprise surprise. The good news is that I don’t have to have my camera repaired!

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22 – decisions decisions! choosing photos


Have you made a photo book lately? Posted a photo online? Sure you have. But how do you decide which to print, or to post? A few months back I actually did make a photo book (yay!) and afterwards I had a few thoughts about which photos I put online or in a book.

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20 – equipment on vacation


A few random thoughts about the equipment I enjoyed using on vacation. Some mistakes, of course, and some success stories.

The woodstock of biking. In Iowa. Really:   https://ragbrai.com/

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19 – fiddling with settings for action shots


Sometimes it takes a while for something to sink in. And then you might need to step away, take a little break, before it really sinks in. More practice, more fiddling, and some more practice to come, as always.

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18 – the kindness of strangers


So many photos have special reminders for us as photographers, even if the photo itself shows something completely different from what it makes us think of.

Steve Simon, the Passionate Photographer, says we should “work the scene” in this book:

We’re at